North Bay Housing Coalition

Creating affordable housing for persons with developmental disabilities

North Bay Housing Coalition's Pathfinding program is a bundle of services and supports for persons with developmental disabilities and their network (family, friends, and professionals).

  • It could be a person-centered plan
  • It could be an Individualized Housing Assistance Plan (IHAP)
  • It could be a series of workshops on relevant topics such as:
    • what types of living arrangements are out there?
    • who can support me if I live in my own apartment?
    • what kind of benefits am I eligible for? How do I apply for it?
    • how do I set up an estate plan for my son or daughter?
  • It could be developing a personal network (circle of support)

There are as many paths along this journey as there are individual seeking to live a full life in the community...take advantage of the information on this site as well as The Kitchen Table forum to learn and to share with each other.

For more information on Pathfinding services, please contact us, or call at 707.289.7000 ext 1.